Mo Morrell

 “Mo Morrell is an illustrator and designer based in London and building a body of work, largely in ink. She is 24, has been drawing for a long time, has unnervingly steady hands and uses funny little pictures of cats to calm down.”


My work is ranging from poster design and character creation, to design and illustration for small businesses and individuals. A lot of my early influences are in fantasy worlds and monsters by artists like Jamie Hewlett, Chris Riddell and Ralph Steadman. I use the demonic black cat creature or “linecats” as a personal stand-in, like my ambassador or my little travelling salesmen. My own work is either autobiographical or complete nonsense fiction.

I’m training as a tattoo artist, currently using a crossover rotary machine as well as patient and charming individuals who give me their skin. You can find more info about this in particular on social media pages I’m running, send me a message with any other queries.






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